A new Sunday school had just opened in the local church in a new town, the Sunday school teacher decide to get the kids attending the school to stand up in turn and say something about themselves, so she asked each child one by one, stand in front of the class and tell what their Daddy’s do.

Little Mary went first, “My daddy is a doctor and he saves people’s lives.”
“That’s wonderful Mary he is doing a good thing for people. Now how about you Jane, what does your daddy do?”

“My daddy is a policeman and he puts bad people in jail,” says Jane.
“Very good Jane your daddy is keeping us all safe. Ok Samuel what does your daddy do?”

“My daddy is an airline pilot and he takes people to sunny countries for holidays”
“That’s very good Samuel, your daddy is making people happy. Ok Johnny, what does your daddy do?”

Johnny gets up and faces the class, “My daddy is dead,” says Johnny.
“Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that Johnny,” said the teacher, “would you like to tell us what your daddy did before he died?”

“He turned blue, collapsed and shit on the carpet.”