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Trevor Muirhead
64 Garry Place Falkirk FK1 2QH Scotland
Latest Cell phone number 07833966277
Player name = Issue.
Occupation Postman.
Leader & base guitar player for “Slinky Boys” Punk Band.
Above data supplied by Trevor Muirhead



Trevor Muirhead is a man who was a member of a gaming clan, he has bullied women in first person “shootem ups”, used cheating tactics and was subsequently banned by a clan member called Dragon for cheating, and bullying. He threatened a 15 year old boy Called “White Warrior” because he was sweet on a 13 years old girl from Giffnock (Glasgow Scotland), Muirhead was at that time 37 years old (so he told us) and a postman for the Royal Mail.

In 2004 He engaged in a torrent of abuse threats of violence (drive from Scotland and throw me off the cliffs) and profanity this went on for about 10 months then I complained to yahoo messenger, then Muirhead lost his Yahoo messenger account.

It was about this time that I came into contact with a man who lived nearby Trevor Muirhead and he filled in a few blanks about him and the rest of the family. I gave my word not to reveal this person as he had his own family there and feared reprisals from the Muirhead household.

He was part of another gaming community and past on my story to a few people who did graphic artistry work and all lived in varying parts of Scotland. All these great works were made from the yahoo messenger profile picture came some fabulous works that I had stored in photobucket, but as Muirhead probably ended up in jail the need for them had no longer been a requirement and so peace and tranquillity returned and once more fun was had by all.

During the period of May 2004 to February 2006 existed a torrent of abuse to other players on a game server (similar to call of duty and battlefield) for the gaming clan I was a co founder of.

Muirhead was a member of the clan until he was caught cheating and bullying and using tactics to make the fellow team members look bad. During this time with the squad complaint after complaint came from the members of the squad, then complaints came from outside players about his behaviour.

A common tactic he used was to deliberately crawl behind a team member who was prone and move forward just as they engaged in a fire fight resulting in being “killed by friendly fire” and the shooter being penalised by loss of points. Another tactic was to stand behind a player using a silent weapon or being stealth he would fire a loud weapon or shoot randomly at the computer AI so as to draw fire on the other player.

One serious complaint came from a game where Muirhead was in our server with other players who were not clan members, during the course of a game, Muirhead made a onscreen text comment I need a bong brb (brb=be right back). On return and movement from his avatar, one player asked is he smoking drugs. Issue replied “its only sum puff”, the other player protested that this was illegal and he should not be doing it, but also not talking about it.

Muirhead’s response was that he needs it as he is suffering from Multiple sclerosis, the other player got angry and stated that he has a daughter with that condition. He could not possibly suffer the condition to be able to precisely control an avatar to engage in virtual reality war gaming and that he is a liar and disgraceful for saying such a thing.

The player left and sent an email of complaint to the website for the clan. This player was and I quote “a trooper in the Arkansas state police dept”. It was then a clan member Dragon had banned him from the server and witnessed by his father also a clan member called Man101, RWRamo (clan member) who also witnessed this and took screen shots of the events, kicked him out of squad.

It was after some months that one Saturday morning for no reason what so ever I got the message in my yahoo messenger (boostrev is Trevor Muirhead yahoo handle)  “Don’t make me laugh cunto”, my reply was “????????????????????”

Thinking it was meant for another yahoo chat window, how wrong I was.

Excerpts from Yahoo Messenger

4th Feb
boostrev (22:29:53): serious shit on my doorstep dont make idle threats it just pisses
me off if u wana step up on to my doorstep its 64 Garry place Hallglen falkirk il be here, phon me an make sure im here 01324620742

6th Feb
exocetuk (22:07:42): ????????????????????????????????????????????

18th June
boostrev (07:24:35): uve just signed ur own death warrent Cunto start looking over ur shoulder cos im going come get u ya Fuckwit and is that not the kettle calling the pot black cos i do recal u having a smoke lol ur teas out Fucker

boostrev (07:25:02): oh and try call the number u idiot whos is it anyway cos it not

23rd June
boostrev (15:28:31): here Cuntou better remove that information about me from forum or feel the wrath of god

27th June
boostrev (14:46:33): ya ballbag

29th June
general_zaphod (18:13:01): Fuck you muppet, come and make me in response to his threats when he entered the game server 2nd july

exocetuk (00:09:47): what no more threats? lost your
nerve? No good telling 13 year young girls the Threats of coming to my home and kicking me like a football? Ha!

exocetuk (00:10:58): You really are a dick!

3rd july
boostrev (18:55:54): threats ill threaten u ya old Cunt i will tie u 2 back ma car wi piece rope and take u for a spin round the countryside just watch ur bac cos ul never know when 2 expect me and oh by the way already got your redirection information from m8t still in royal mail ill burn ur nice new house down Cunto and it nice to see that all the things ive heard about you were true but i was willing to give you benefit of dought

14th july
boostrev (05:26:00): didnt want 2 ruin ur birthday cos itl be last 1u c and hav a nice look at the cliffs cos ul soon b having closer look

2nd aug
exocetuk (19:27:18): talking like a Cunt again

exocetuk (19:28:49): youre so full of vinegar and piss and bullshit, come on down, dont talk about it arsehole, do it.

exocetuk (19:29:08): youre just amouthy nasty drug selling shithead 3rd aug

boostrev (18:57:07): get yer fact right i have a smoke but i dont sell and least a diny reak piss ya old man and il b down when ur least expect it and il tap ur shoulder and then take u down ya muppet

boostrev (18:57:52): oh and ps its futile keep on banning me from server cos i can still keep on getting in and cause havok and kaos

5th aug
exocetuk (03:13:55): my my arent we full of piss m vinegar again, dont say it! do it! stop talking like a Cunt you really should change the record

exocetuk (03:25:43): not sure what part of youre banned you don’t understand but maybe the drugs are clouding your mind, you have delusions of grandure, youre not, youre just a grubby drug dealing crime swilling even scots near your home think so too, just stop being such a silly boy now and get back in your pram and stop spitting that dummy out.

10th aug
boostrev (10:23:00): banned i dont think so i in game a lot more than ud think infact i pop in at least 3 to 4 nghts a wk and play along with u many of the times also take great pleasure every now and again when i knife a TG in the back lol ur such a ballbag and u know wot if im such a drug dealling and crime swiller then why no get yer cop bird 2 get in touch wi her partners in crime up here and do something about it lol asshole

11th aug
boostrev (01:11:26): so did u enjoy our game together on
10/8/06 as i said il b banned when i say im banned it not ur decission 2 make so sit down shut the Fuck up and keep ur oppinions 2 urself incase sunnos didnt tell u about the waypoint i sent him then here is my way 2 prove i was in game u did a lot murders often deliberate i actually mentioned this and said i wid bac angel up lol bet u feel a bit like DOH!!!! right now lol god damb this is fun aint it ps wi all the murders u were doing maybe the squad should ban u bye 4 now infact here an idea hows about i join the squad that wid b fun

boostrev (04:03:10): on 11/8/06 at 4am did that hurt when u got a nade in the face at
the tunnels exit lol u r such a bawbag

15th aug
exocetuk (04:07:39): you shot up too much of your shit dont know what game youre in but not ours, why? youre banned, stop gobbing off you twat!

exocetuk (19:28:50): you really are delusional, knew who you were before i came in that was the reason i entered in the first place, hence the references to me being better than superman, if you went onto the TG forums you would have known that, oh sorry I forgot you cant can you, stop trying to be clever you wont make it, you’re just a grubby drug dealer full of inuendo and poor english as for your little friend diz he is also banned, you may have this info as im sure he would have told you by now.

It was then the abuse and threats started to roll in with
greater threat than before. Margate police (Kent county Constabulary) was called and the threats were reported, two police officers came to my home, one female one male, I told them the story, logged into yahoo and showed them the abuse and threats.

The only intelligible thing I could get out of them was “We don’t really understand this messaging and probably cannot do anything about it”. Even though I informed them that they need to get in touch with yahoo/BT (BT=British Telecom) as they would have this evidence on their servers. I showed them the two letters of threats where he was coming to my town and does a drive by when I’m having breakfast with my friends at a local street cafe/bistro, that was the end of the Police investigation.

Yet a waitress who overheard myself and two friends talking about our “battles and the weapons we used” contacted the Police who then did an armed raid on my home looking for the “Javelin Missiles and Barret .50 cal tank busting guns”. Kent Police jeez! More on that topic another day.

Due to personal and work reasons I needed to move home, so as one does you go to post office and set up mail forwarding for a month or so as not to lose mail.

Issue continued the threats; I was losing hope of a legal end to this, as I was not getting any help from police. I had to take my own action so I collected everything he was saying and posted it on various services and forums he was a member of with the live links to the actual spew that he was drivelling. Then came another letter of threat on how he was going to pour petrol (gasoline) into my letter box, super glue my door and spark me up, again he gloated about this on yahoo messenger his “postie friends gave him my new address” on yahoo messenger. That was the last straw, Kent Police not up to it, Scottish Police required me to get the Kent police to
action it before they would do anything.

I was alone and had to get this done myself, I sought the services of a third party to end this once and for all so that I may return to killing computer generated AI known as bg’s (bad guys) and having fun with my online friends in the process.

I moved house again but this time no mail forwarding, I continued to look for the right person to resolve my problem, I continued to engage Issue on the Internet posting his threats and linking them.

Suddenly it stopped yahoo deleted his account, he was warned by his Internet service provider for abuse on this Guest Book (page 3). So I continued with normal life once more forgetting about Issue and his issues and having great faith in Kent Police force (NOT!)

The years went by (4½-5) no Issue and a lot of fun with friends met up with some, stayed with some, some stayed with me. All in all it was good, work, rest, play, the occasional boozy night out, the usual nose to the grindstone and having fun, not hurting anyone or anything and having fun.

It was time to update this site, its was still getting the visits, but only a few dozen a week instead of that number per day. I also decide to set up a Facebook of this website and get it promoted to those who use social media without the skill or know how of searching for my type of humour and topics.

I set up a humorous but not hilarious profile based on, this website has signed up for Facebook. Didn’t do much as work and home life takes most of my free time, so it was slow going.

A person called Kentishman (Female Chinese Asian profile picture) wanted to be my friend, I accepted immediately without knowing who it is as its my site

Im not a Girlboy

not my personal profile. On Facebook my friends are all known to me personally or I have met worked with and/or socialised with them, but his is not personal. I was approached by KM (Kentishman) regarding they had some great ideas for my website and would I text them my email address and phone number so they could give me some feedback. I said no of course and said just message me on Facebook thats why I’m here, I was getting suspicious reasons for not doing so. I figured this was a spammer who was trying a new tactic away from the trying to post comments in guest books, downloads or galleries, even bogus member signups in forums etc.

Very little else happened as you will see below, then, because I wasn’t biting, I then got a friend request from Alfolkestone, again I accepted without knowing or caring who it was. Issue revealed himself in a rage of wild and random accusations mostly based on his own actions from the past see below under the name Alfolkestone. You will also see he has stated some things about my website that was not public and things that could only be known from my phone, lost or stolen from a train in London just after the New Year (Jan 2011).

Somehow, Issue has my phone and has managed to get information from it. This now explains why there have been attempts to cancel my telephone service (he fucked up there as I was not with BT anymore and improved my service provider), but the echoes of this come through. Multiple anonymous calls coming to my landline phone and threats from him coming to my old cell phone number (since losing my last phone I also had changed service company, sorry Issue).

So I was advised to call Police (but this is Kent Police!) I contacted the Police at Folkestone Police gave a brief explanation, the Police officer was asked when would I be available, as I had a dental appointment I told the officer the time of my dental appointment.

The officer told me he would come before that in the morning requested my cell phone number so he would call me when he is on his way. You guessed it, no call, and no visit. I called the Folkestone Police left message, and you guessed it right again NO SHOW. So now I have a Zit called Issue and now have to spend time with the Police complaint commission over the non-action NOT!)

This will end one way or another, but until then read the ravings of this degenerate, there may be more but I have not had the time to waste looking at the Trevor Muirhead sewerage.

Here’s the latest work from Trevor Muirhead now using Facebook under many other guises, expect more of these to pop up.

These snapshots of profile Muirhead has used on Facebook to attempt to dupe phone numbers and email addresses (typical deviant actions from this moron.

When that didn’t get my details so he let rip with alfolkestone in the style that he only knows how. Abuse, innuendos, threats, snide tricks and futile childish traps.

But having said all this, Trevor Muirhead is a family man (not so sure after the kentishman photo)

as seen he is hugging his (his words) baby when it was 3 weeks old, what a proud daddy he is. He must have been elated (or is that high as a kite) with this arrival.

So pleased that this site is successful he even took time out from caring for his baby and sign our guest book (page 3) and send best wishes in typical Trevor Muirhead style.

I expect there will be more puke from this Vommit facotry.



  1. Comment by Yuri Gushchin:

    This criminal would have been send for man years in a bad place.

  2. Comment by Angel:

    Wow this prick needs to get a life. I was searching for a project and got this page.

  3. Comment by Pippa:

    What a pathetic peice of crap this person is, all because he was ejected from a game?
    The parents need to answer to humanity for raising such a child. Probably on crack and too busy stealing to raise a child properly.

  4. Comment by PJ:

    The individual “Trevor Muirhead” started out as a Troll but very quickly went to Stalker status. The sadness of the Internet troll is nothing more than a passing nuisance, but, they can be a worry to the vulnerable (perhaps why he chose women first). However, it is almost invariably an inadequate individual who can be safely ignored as they have no courage and are in fact cowards who hide behind phones, social networking, emails or message boards to get their rocks off.

    Trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful. Disrupting stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too. For trolls, any response is ‘recognition’; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response.

    Remember that trolls and stalker are cowards, they’ll usually post just enough to get an argument going, then sit back and count the responses (Yes, that’s what they do!).

    Troll posts have no imagination, most are obvious, sexual comments or innuendo, generally the style of attack will reflect the group/person they are attacking. A successful blog will be criticised and condemned with no reason, or sexual comments to women sites, blasphemy on religious sites insults to the bereaved on memorial sites. You get the picture.

    Many trolls are extremely pedantic, they will use false identity (because they are cowards), trolls virtually never write over their own name, and often reveal their low IQ (and lack of imagination) in the chosen ID (generally a clone of what they are attacking). Troll like behaviour can be detected in bulletin boards by reporting non-fact to events as another identity and not again in there own name.

    Trolls are most successful in user-groups, forums and social networks that have little or no regard for welfare of its users, Facebook is an epitome of this later description as moderation is very poor. A troll with any kind of substance abuse or criminal/mental health problem almost certainly will become a stalker to which I feel you have gained.

    Stalkers are the next step up the ladder of criminal antisocial behaviour, and they could work themselves into frenzy to the point of overcoming their own inward cowardice and make physical contact. A stalker is a troll who really has “lost the plot” and has now fixated on an individual who aspires to levels unachieved by the stalker. They will be relentless in their quest to accuse the recipient of all kinds of unacceptable behaviour mainly based on the stalkers own experiences as they lack imagination of value.

    A stalker is a fanatic and can be a serious behind the cloak predator, using the Internet to pursue a real or imagined vendetta, or other perverted agenda.

    However mild or aggressive this stalker appears, always save every message you receive. I see that you did this on the messages received. A good way to do this is to create a new folder in your mailbox, and move all mails or copy newsgroup postings to that folder. I’d advise keeping this folder for at least a year after the last post, possibly longer. This can be a useful store of evidence, if later required, and can help in identifying the stalker.

    By definition, a stalker is a coward, like all bullies, like all who attack from behind, or in the dark. Be sure to mention this in every attack, stalkers make it personal, you make it impersonal. I see on your Guestbook you show you are not afraid of electron threats or abuse, stalkers are none too bright so they invariably use something they are comfortable with some deceitful practice or sexual perversion and use that as an attack, this is typical behaviour of an internet stalker.

    Its is good to share the laughter as you have done here, the stalker is pretty ridiculous. Your stalker seems nothing else but ridiculous. I see you are aware of this and appear to be having fun with this deviant.

    I will be watching this topic with interest.


  5. Comment by Mr Pipkin:

    Damn. After reading all of this, what the heck would you do if he showed up on your doorstep? I shudder the thought of ever meeting up with this abomination to humanity myself.

    • Comment by Exocet:

      If he showed up on my doorstep?
      He would be sent back to Scotland in a pine box or body bag. More preferable a refuse sack!

      He has threatened to do this for years but I expect he got brave after undermining women, but now he has found someone who will terminate him and his actions.

      You know the price is right!

      ok lets get back to the fun.

  6. Comment by Darby:

    Seems like this Trevor Muirhead has some serious problems and is in need of some counseling. I used to run a gaming clan some 20 years ago and the bickering that went on was just too much, now I only play online with friends on an ad hoc basis.
    There is always someone who either through benign social behavior or low levels of intellect will always take things to a level above and beyond the game genre. I had that kind in the clan and they were ejected quickly, they in turn went and rallied other demented idiots to grind their axes.

    As for the stupid and irresponsible advice by the user Bishop Gilson stating don’t be scared for your physical self, be concerned, this person may strive to the highest level of hatred he has nurtured for you. I hope, and it would appear you are not being a victim and quite right too, these people are sick sad and pathetic, unfortunately we breed these degenerates all over the world. You take good care of yourself. Now I’m going to read the humor you have available.

  7. Comment by A. Buckley:

    I have read all the users different Facebook accounts and No, Kentishman does not know English, cannot even spell correctly in U.S. English British English and Grammar is appalling. These are just ranting of a madman that’s full of accusation stating proof but none offered (very much doubt that any exists). All the other idenities have same style of broken English.

    This is truly a nasty person who is displaying criminal intent of the stalker type, all classic indication is there, rejected from a game group and has nurtured a hatred for the owner/leader/webmaster.

    Not sure about the U.K. but U.S. would have not let this individual out under the Criminally insane laws.

    Just lock this individual up and have done with it, he is going to kill eventually and it will be the Brit Cops who will burden the blame.

    Too many Sicko’s in the world that need to be put down.

  8. Comment by Klemm Peters:

    Oh my GOD, what a complete and utter idiotic Pratt! If this wasn’t such a serious issue (no pun intended but fun intended) it could be a comedy sketch.
    What on earth has this person been taking? What is this idiots agenda I’m sure it must make some kind of sense to this madman, it has to.
    Although to the rest of the world it is the ramblings of a complete and utterly nasty individual who is demonstrating that he/she desires being cared for in a hospital for the mentally insane (my apologies to the mentally insane in general).

    I am going to have to come back and read any more of this idiots ranting.
    BTW This is a funny site some great tales here apart from this sinister one. I shall sign the guestbook. Klemm

  9. Comment by Gumtree:

    Well said Bishop! Kind of goofy really Trevor means wise and he isn’t very is he? What may be at Issue ( Did I say that ) is what we on the other side of the pond call being institutionalized. He really just wants to go home to where all is taken care of at the cost of the tax payers. He has another quality that I find disturbing that is what I like to call phone courage. It is very easy to talk a lot of nonsense when you are not standing toe to toe with the object of your aggression isn’t it? Very little harm usually comes to a person that has this type of faux courage because people with this quality don’t like somebody calling them out. There is to large a chance that the target may retaliate or they may bite of more than they can ever swallow. Some advice for Mr. Muirhead watch what you say and do my friend! Your back may be the one you should be paying attention too! Just for information sake Muir means moor dweller and we know what head means? Gumtree OUT!

  10. Comment by Bishop Gilson:

    don t be scared of the people that try to destroy your body but be afraid of people trying to kill your soul, this man is simply stupid, he lost his brain (if he had one) I m sure his parents repents for giving birth to him, they were saying to each other your son…….poor man Trevor never had a mature-head (Trevor Muirhead).

  11. Comment by triplet:

    omg im telling all my school friends and my teachers.this is really evil i shall put it on Facebook .this is a real internet menace this is the reason why my mum watches me when im on the internet to save me from this nutcase .

  12. Comment by Zaltana Whaya:

    I played games with this PUKE on more game servers than I can remember. He never could play without finding some way to cheat! He would either murder you and claim it was an accident and laugh about it or find a way to get you killed either by an enemy or by friendly fire.

    I remember one map that we played where you had to run a lengthy distance to the first objective without alerting the bad guys. He would stay at the spawn point, waite for everyone else to get about half way to the obj. and then he would start shooting to alert the bad guys. Thus getting everyone but him killed.

    He would laugh when we all got killed but would get pissed off and swear obscenities both on the screen and on team speak. There were kids that played on lot of the servers, but he didn’t seem to care.

    • Comment by Warrior:

      I do recall this, he used to talk about his drug use and swear at other players and yell abuse on teamspeak when he thought no one was around to hear him. Why is he back, I thought ramo or dragon banned him. I think I still have screen shots somewhere. Why is this asshole suddenly come back and bad mouthing John who actually always helped anyone who wanted his assistance, does he still smart over the ban? This moron needs to get a life.

      • Comment by Zaltana Whaya:

        Yep, he’s still sucked up over getting kicked to the curb. As to his suddenly coming back, I was informed recently that he just got out of Prison. If it weren’t for being locked up he probably would have been causing issues, pun intended, this whole time.

        We flushed but this one was to big to fit down the pipe!

    • Comment by Wolf Stone:

      I remember this back in my Landwarrior days, he used to set people up to die in the game servers and trigger events to get his team mates killed in the games. One of the other tricks he would do is log into servers directly and use other player names to get a “Bad Rep” by being an asshole to others with someone elses player name, he was the reason why I left the squad, I was getting threats and abuse supposedly from john, I knew it wasnt him and a game isnt worth this crap so I packed it in, shame really in hindsight as it lets this asswipe win.

  13. Comment by tivoli:

    what a jackass, someone needs to kick his butt or that her butt? either ways it needs to be whooped

  14. Comment by mabas:

    im sorry for them that make from a game with friends, a war. so you can see that not all the games for every one is. some people see not the game and real live. thats bad. you most can make the diverends to real and fake… so i hope he will understand it know. and i think he needed help. or he will scoot in real live, how much whe do hear that, this year also in the netherlands, a man that neede help, but he dident have, and schoot 7 people dead. so whe must wach out for gays like him. and i hope realy he can have the help he needed. thats good for us but for him to.

  15. Comment by TD:

    I feel sorry for the poor Oriental girl whose picture this dickhead has used to try and fool others. Anybody seeing her on the street is likely to run in the opposite direction rather than be confronted by what they perceive is Muirhead. This low-life guy should be taken out to a bog and dropped in head first. The police had their chance to keep the public safe from this menace but have chosen to release him upon the public. Shame,shame on them.

  16. Comment by Mike:

    It appears you have an Internet Stalker/bully. They are generally loners who are very unhappy with their life and need to blame someone else for their own shortcomings.

    The stalker exhibits a familiar pattern of behaviour. Stalking often starts as a result of rejection; rejection rage and abandonment rage motivate the stalker to seek revenge through a predictable pattern of stalking behaviour. The stalker, usually a loner and socially inept, becomes obsessed with their target and bombards them with messages, emails, abuse, or even gifts.
    The stalking behaviour can last for years and the intensity of abuse increases over time. The abuse, initially consisting of psychological violence, often escalates and culminates in physical violence.

    A study of 50 stalkers by the Royal Free Hospital and University College Medical School, London, found that women are much more likely to be stalked and attacked by a former sexual partner than by a stranger. Stalking has become Britain’s fastest growing crime with over 4000 prosecutions under the Protection from Harassment Act each year. The UK’s first national anti-stalking police unit was authorised by Home Secretary Jack Straw in January 2000 to tackle the growing behaviour of stalking.

    I do strongly suggest you get some legal recourse for this madman, he has demonstrated that this is not going to stop and could escalate out of control. Get some help!

  17. Comment by Carbine:

    Jeez sounds like a real nut job

  18. Comment by S.Green:

    Although a hard read, it’s a hard message about the degenerate criminals that reside among us. This guy needs to be locked up before he upgrades to hurting children or seniors. What are the Police authorities doing about this? Are they all too busy with coffee and donuts? This individual needs to be taken off the streets.
    As for Facebook, this proves a point I have always told my teenage daughter that there are maniacs out there and they roam the Internet just waiting in the shadows.

    • Comment by Zaltana Whaya:

      Actually he was locked up, for assualt I believe. I was informed recently that he just got out. It’s interesting that you mention him hurting children. One of the reasons we flushed this turd was he had been sexually harassing a young girl, 14 our 15 years old, that played on our server.

  19. Comment by Pipo:

    This will happen when the leash is not controlled, needs to be destroyed like all Rabid dogs.
    I there have given new name for the Trevor Muirhead as Genzo Kurita as they must be same person

    • Comment by cranium crush:

      Monstrousness, Genzo Kurita was caught early in 1952 for murdering a 24-year-old and her 63-year-old aunt, and defiling the younger woman’s body.
      Those murders led to a death sentence a few months later, but they also led to a string of unsolved homicides: another murder-necrophilia crime the previous summer, and the notorious Osen Korogashi incident, when he threw a rape victim’s family over the Osen Korogashi cliffs.

      He got a separate death sentence for those murders (plus two other earlier ones) later in 1952. A touch unstable (obviously) Kurita withdrew his own appeals in 1954 to get it over with, but it still took the ponderous Japanese death penalty system the best part of the decade to see him to the gallows.

      Is this coincidence? Throwing over cliffs? Oriental picture?

  20. Comment by Tobias:

    OMFG! This guy is really fucked up, at first I was expecting a punchline, but this is really messed up.
    This is all because he was banned from a game? He needs to be taken into a Psychiatric unit for the mentally insane. Charles Manson started out like that.

    • Comment by Zaltana Whaya:

      Naw, I’ve met old chuckles manson. WoW, what a freak! but not nearly the violent J-cat as this guy. Charlie manipulated others to do his violence for him. This guy likes to get doped up and do it himself.

      J-cat is old prison slang for a person with a mental illness. They were put in Category J or J-cat for short. It’s not a designation used anymore but the slang hangs on.

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