It was just over a couple of hours before midnight at the army barracks in the 2019 new year celebrations, a slightly inebriated but stable woman was eyeing up the sergeant major. Due to his unhappy looking expression on his face she did not approach him but fancied him none the less.

Well after a good old sing song and few more drinks she plucked the courage up to approach the angry looking Sergeant Major. She walked up to him and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek and said “Happy new year”, The Sergeant major replied with “Happy new year to you madam”.

The woman then asked him when he last had sex to which he replied “1954”, she pondered for a moment thinking if he hasn’t had sex since then it is no wonder he has this miserable demeanour about him, she then said “that’s one hell of a long time to go without sex!” She exclaimed, the Sergeant Major replied with “Well its only 2120, so I don’t think it’s too long do you?”

The woman walked away deflated.