We all know those cute little computer symbols called “emoticons,” where: 🙂 means a smile and 🙁 is a frown. It is little known that there are also some “emoticons” called “Assicons, here are the most common.

Assicon Emotion or meaning
(_!_) = Regular arse.
(__!__) = Fat arse.
(!) = A tight arse.
(_*_) = A sore arse.
{_!_} = A swishy arse.
(_o_) = An arse that’s been around.
(_x_) = Kiss my arse.
(_X_) = Leave my arse alone.
(_zzz_) = Tired arse
(_E=mc2_) = A smart arse.
(_£_) or (_$_) = Money coming out of his arse
(_?_) Dumb arse

You have just been e-mooned.