One day, a deaf mute walks into a Chemist to buy some condoms. After around 5 minutes he walks up to the counter a little frustrated at not finding what he was looking for. He has difficulty communicating with pharmacist who doesn’t understand sign language so the customer attempts at the charades game to explain he wants extra large condoms.

After 10 minutes of this had passed the customer, in desperation unzips his flies and whips out his penis slaps it on the counter and places a fiver next to it. The pharmacist says “OK I understand what you want now”, puts a fiver on top of the customers fiver and unzips and slap his penis alongside the customers penis, the pharmacist then picks up both fivers and puts his penis back and zips up.

Exasperated, the deaf mute begins to lose it and is waving his arms around and cursing with unintelligible sounds looking very angry. The pharmacist help up his hand in front of the customer to stop him and pay attention to him, which he does. “Look,” the pharmacist says, “if you can’t afford to lose, you shouldn’t make a bet.”