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Lies, deceit, incomeptence = AMAZON.

Posted January 25, 2016 By Exocet

I used to exclusively search and buy from Amazon (video’s games, books etc.) and providing they use the postal services it was good, if no one was at home no bother, just went to post office and pick it up, EASY. But then they decided to use a courier for a DVD I ordered. ┬áThen […]

Cell Phone tough guys.

Posted September 3, 2013 By Exocet

There are Tossers, and there are Tossers with cell phones, either way they are just tossers.
This one likes to….. Read for yourself.

Private Policing organisations

Posted March 1, 2012 By Exocet

To blame the internet for crime is quite bluntly, stupid and shows pure ignorance and those who think so please leave the planet now, you are not required.