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A little knowledge is dangerous.

Posted February 10, 2020 By Exocet

The proverb A little knowledge is a dangerous  expresses the idea that a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are, which can lead to mistakes being made.

I happen to know 2 so called computer engineers who actually do not have a clue yet they profess to be “Good at computers”, from my personal experience of these 2 is that they have fiddled around with windows and put a few cards in a PC at some stage so now they know how to fix a pc/laptop (tablets and phones beyond them at this time).

The cast. My friend will be F for friend, the other remaining 2 are T1=Husband T2=Son (T=Twat!).

Sometime ago T2 wanted to build a circuit to control an aquarium for his tropical fish, I suggested using a breadboard to prototype before producing a PCB (printed circuit board) and they can set out the design etc. After destroying some electronic components due to back emf generated by a relay switching in the mains to the heater, I was later informed about this and asked why they hadn’t put “back emf suppression” and of course the reply was DUH?.

I explained the virtues of coils and switching and of course back EMF. The other observation that was made was the crack sound it caused in TV and the radio (of course it will) I explained this to the T2 and suggested using a TRIAC to do the switching as it is solid state and no coils to cause back EMF.

The following day I learned from T2 that he had blown up the board and a PCI card in his PC, after enquiring about what was done (sorting through the drawl that made little sense I realised that no DIAC’s were used and from the obscure vague descriptions that mains had passed through the extra low voltage items thus resulting in meltdown. I asked why they did it that way and they said it was the way a drawing showed (I didn’t ask). I made the statement that They do not have a clue and should never have attempted this. This fiasco continued with my lack of interest as I certainly did not want to hear news of the fish were electrocuted.
At the time this cost in terms of finance was around €50.00 and a replacement heater would have cost €5-6.

A little (or none) knowledge is dangerous.

Some years later my F was having some problems with the PC and as they do not follow instruction and do their own thing I suggested that they download teamviewer (remote access program) so I can see and do the fix myself I was horrified to find that the boot drive was C (pretty normal) and drive P and S and the DVD drive was V. SO now I see that my F has C; drive for Windows stuff, P drive for programs and S drive for Software (don’t ask). These are partitions placed on the same single drive (ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!).

So to find a setting or .INI in program files or data to a folder it could be in C Program files or P Program Files or S Program Files or Program Files (x86) across those partitions. Note: for most part drives names are flexible until you want to do some real network and or OEM re-install-de-installs.

I got it sorted out it was on S:\Program Files (x86)\

We continued to game trouble free for a while when the T1 was furious that I was allowed to remote to his wife’s (F) PC and chastised F and removed the teamviewer program. Who then proceeded to Fix F’s PC (Fix here means fuck up), removing things like ccleaner and I quote T1 “It ruins your PC and destroys the system”, I’m sure Piriform would be very interested in T1’s theories on this.

So as time went on the PC slowed down as they do when running any form of M$ windows and not nursing them through waht they should be perofrming.

We were for the most part played a 2002 game (now being 2017) but was also playing later games but F was struggling due to a choked PC, but we got through it. Then one days F reported some odd lines and pixels randomly appearing on her screen, this pointed to a driver or hardware failure and some verbal diagnostics were performed that was made difficult by the user not following instructions or reporting exactly what was on screen. After diagnosing that it is probably the Graphics card (but not convinced) and that I could send over my discarded Nvidia GTX8600 1GB ddr3 as I have an Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB ddr4. The offer was refused not by F but T1 or T2.

It was diagnosed by both of the T’s and they decided to rule that the CPU is faulty (I never believed that), I stated that I seriously do not believe it to be the CPU as they are far too reliable and pure substrate that it would be almost impossible to destroy a CPU through normal or even overclocking, I personally do not over clock, if my CPU is too slow I will get a faster one.

Well after removing the CPU and inserting another one they decided that the second CPU is “DEAD”
so a third one was put in place and that did work but belonged to T3’s gaming machine.

I asked live on a Teamspeak 3 session how T2 removed and inserted the CPU and after hearing that he turned off machine and pulled out power cord he removed it and placed I in F’s PC, I asked to talk me through every step they took to remove the CPU and they repeated “I turned it off took out power lead and removed CPU,” to which I replied “well you just nuked it” they argued by saying they didn’t (because they only had a little knowledge) I wasn’t going to mention what they did wrong and if you’re an engineer you will know what they did wrong by what was not stated above.

This fiasco continued for a few days and eventually 3 CPU’s were destroyed, eventually the T2 ordered a new CPU and a second hand graphics card was installed, due to the time lapse it was no longer a detriment to insert a new CPU.

F is now able to play the lower end games as the machine is now less powerful than before, I must also add That F has to now download all of the games and maps tha twere stored on her PC as these Tossers who worked and killed several parts on her PC are not capable of saving data before performing a repair Fuckup.

Do you know what mistake T1 & T2 did three times?


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Lies, deceit, incomeptence = AMAZON.

Posted January 25, 2016 By Exocet

I used to exclusively search and buy from Amazon (video’s games, books etc.) and providing they use the postal services it was good, if no one was at home no bother, just went to post office and pick it up, EASY.

But then they decided to use a courier for a DVD I ordered.  Then I started to dislike them, why you ask. The courier arrived and could not get access to my building (very secure building) even though strict instructions were given to telephone for delivery, but that was too easy.

The courier went away not a word was said or details written or noted. This happened for 6 more times when they expect you to wait at home from 8am to 10pm (completely and utterly unacceptable). It was only after action was taken via bank and threats of legal action then finally the courier telephoned to get access. AT 2AM!

Yes you read it correctly 2AM!!!!!

I’m never in a good mood after being awoken at that time of morning so I got dressed went down to the lobby of the building where I live and proceeded to give the courier a ticking off and ruin his night/morning.

But it fell on dumb intelligence as the couriers command of the English language was less than my Labrador. He handed my DVD and I threw it told him to go forth and multiply and went back to my home and back to bed. Wife also miffed due to me getting up going out and returning at 02:18.

I informed Amazon, and closed my account. Great no more Fcukups or middle of the night disturbances. Bought DVD or blu-ray or books etc from other suppliers (even though the unit cost was more it was actually less considering the time and stress caused by AMAZON!

Stupidly I was given a Amazon Kindle fire tablet as a Christmas gift, found it to be less than useful as  it doesn’t use full Android and apps are not available. The tablet decided to update and from that it failed and would not respond except for  recovery menu.

Every option was tried but no avail, I visited the Amazon website and clicked phone me option at around 2am and was very surprised to get a call from Amazon US, who then put me through all the options including some that were not offered but still no life out of this piece of crap.
They sent me an email with numbers to telephone for support as the unit needs to be replaced.

8am that morning I rang Amazon and was told it will be arriving the next day. This was after I had a fight with the operator who insisted on referring to my previous account and not the new one created for the kindle. I wanted to speak to a manager as I was being given false information and was told hold and the line went dead. Now ready for a fight I rang back 7 times and was told that a manager will contact me.

12:10 a Manager from Ireland rang me to apologise and told me My item is due around 9pm that same day and will look into the call response.

Several times the same manager told me he has ordered another kindle fire in case, and I need to refuse the second or be charged (I feel that a second or third kindle should not be charged for my trouble).

Guess what? No show on the product, I did not contact them except through email to say I waited from 8 am to 10pm and will never do it again as I have said before this time slot is unacceptable. On Wednesday I received an email saying my product is despatched and will be with me on Thursday, the address was in a different city and the customer name was an alien for all I knew.
Three more emails sent but no response to any of them, I contacted Amazon US as that is the parent company and gave them grief about this abysmal behaviour from a company, I run my own company and if it was to operate at half as bad as Amazon I would be out of business very soon, we pride ourselves on service on time and exactly “what is written on the tin”.
Had a response from my query from US and they suggested I contact UK Amazon (oh god no, please not them for Fcuks sake I want my sanity), so I forwarded the email response and my two penny worth.

I don’t hold my breath but we will see what crock of shit they are going to come up with next.

More to come.


Cell Phone tough guys.

Posted September 3, 2013 By Exocet

It comes as no surprise that people get brave when they are anonymous, except this cretin sent a threatening text quite possibly thinking it will be anonymous like the numerous phone calls during the past year.

Replace the +44 with a zero so it would read 07565 021647

In the pic is the Brave boy text in white on left and my text on right in green.


As a follow up to this, I received three more texts from the same number but was from this person’s fiancée.
It came a few hours after my vehicle had yet again been attacked and damaged by vandalism (this also had been going on for a year). A neighbour who had witnessed the stabbing of tyre walls called police but too afraid to make official police statement.

The person responsible for the damage and phone calls was one and the same person, another neighbour who had moved in a year ago, just when my tyres, windows and doors were being damaged, this included things like tail light lenses and headlamps.

What did I do to upset this new neighbour to do this for a year you may well ask. Well I am responsible for the following.

  • Used my breakdown recovery service when his own vehicle broke down and got him home.
  • Borrowed wheel ramps from others to allow him to repair his car, these had to be returned by myself as he couldn’t bother to return them.
  • Lied to his so called fiancée (more on that) regarding threats he sent via facebook (no surprises there).
  • Drove him home when he was falling about drunk after consuming 13 Imperial pints of “Stella” and “Smirnoff Ice” in same glass, I am insured to drive any vehicle and hadn’t had any alcohol (just J2O).
  • Risked arrest for grabbing his “Skunked Cannabis” when police called to his home, I ran to his bathroom with the drugs and ashtray and flushed it down the toilet (not the ashtray).
  • Lying to a Bailiff when they came to seize goods for non payment of fines for (wait for it) Violence and threats.
    I did this via storing property and writing a false declaration as did his Mother (should have been prosecuted for having him), well that’s been fixed now and they know the truth.

One time when I was walking along the cliff roads in my coastal hometown around 9:30pm when he came alongside and we both passed some young teenager girls who were listening to a Ghetto Blaster and doing their dance routines, as we passed them by they stopped. I turned and said “don’t stop you were in harmony”. They giggled a little and continued to sing and dance, a few moments later the neighbour cupped his hands on his genital area and shouted “Suck my dick”! With a pelvic thrust. I walked away from him saying “you’re out of order”, the teeny boppers started to give him abuse.

When he caught up with me he said he was only joking I informed him he crossed the line and if they had called the police, the place would be wall to wall with police and we would be arrested as a matter of course, he replied with “bring it on”. It still never dawned on me that this degenerate was responsible for the repeated threats and damage to my vehicle, he would even curse and offer symapthy.

Why would I? After all, I had only ever offered the hand of friendship to this guy and was looking for someone who hated me enough to threaten and damage my vehicle.

As time went on I was aware that this degenerate was devious and used two telephones as the one phone didn’t work and it was family only, he would shy away from me when using it and anyone who looked at him while he used the “family” phone (of course we now know it was the one for the threats).

This man has a history of violence (football thug) and covert threats and damage to people and property, specialising in stabbing tyres with a fishing/hunting knife.

What prompted this latest damage to my vehicle, five new tyres broken door lock and stolen tax disc from inside the vehicle? It can only be the fact that I had the nerve to drive him to the supermarket so he may get his food shopping at the cheaper out of town superstore the day beforehand.

That will teach me to be so arrogant and rude to people.

What has been learned about this degenerate is he has a history of violence and had only been out of jail for two months before moving next door to me. History of drugs use, threatening people, damaging vehicles and faked illnesses. He is currently trying the “I have a bad back and can’t work” yet is more ambulant than I am.
He has a history of hounding a lady who lives in continued anxiety over his pestering calls and texts and is a constant worry to her and her family. He thrives on people fearing him and gets away with it, police not good or very fast at this sort of thing and usually takes a death before they make the moves of  “mistakes were made”,  “we have learned from this” etc. etc. Hope you’re reading this Ann Barnes Commissioner of Kent police.
Btw his Sister is a Prison officer (how fucked up is that)?

Quite frankly if a Dog behaved in this way it would have been quietly and quickly put down, but because this thing is classed as human this won’t happen (someone may disagree, hopefully). My apologies to Dogs for the comparison.

Here are some mug shots of this degenerate.

Yes it’s you Steven Parker.

He sucks!

He sucks!

Hey look cut lip

Hey look cut lip

I only have three things to say to you Mr Steven Parker.

Bring it on!

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Private Policing organisations

Posted March 1, 2012 By Exocet

The internet enjoys freedom of censorship and control, well free for the most part, I say for the most part as this site is under the scrutiny of the U.S. Military machine and I have no doubt the secret services of the US and UK. (US military IP –

Yes there are criminals who use the internet, I hear you say, but criminals use cell phones, they also use computers, they also use laptops and tablets, criminals also use motor cars and buses. But that does not mean  Internet is criminal, or cars are criminal or phones are criminal, only the ones who use these great tools for criminal purposes are criminal. So remember, this when you’re digging your garden, you are a criminal as they use spades to bury murder victims too.

To blame the internet for crime is quite bluntly, stupid and shows pure ignorance and those who think so please leave the planet now, you are not required. As for policing the internet, it is policed by law enforcement agencies and private police agencies.

It is these private uncontrolled agencies that worry me, they are more dangerous than any dictator or enforced ruler, they are as bad if not worse than those who use scare tactics to obtain public obedience, control and compliance.

The private police fall into three categories;

  1. A company or professional body (generally a money-making exercise).
  2. Egoist dream (commonly know as a wannabe, their ego’s write cheques the body can’t cash).
  3. A collective of knowledge (acquired through actions of perpetrators not theories).

I belong to one of the number one category and several memberships of number 3 category. The first is an organisation (company) that has written a plug-in for the Firefox browser and others, that will alert you if a site is malignant, in malware, scams, child welfare or privacy. That’s good you say, yes in theory it is, but if the tag for a site is bad yet its a harmless site or service then it’s far from good, its worse than not there at all.

I have come across two reported bad sites that were listed on this popular plug-in as MALWARE SITES. One site is a text only output of local council housing record of dwellings in UK (council is local government). How on earth this got listed as Malware and dangerous to children is beyond comprehension.

But worse yet is a particular contributor of this service (I use the term service very loosely), has now listed the as a malware site that is and I quote, “Hiding criminals and has malware software’s”. ???

Interestingly enough,as a contributor to this service once you have reported a certain number of sites you can acquire a program that will bulk search and report (goes against what it’s all about really, meant to be reports of findings).

Because the person who listed it has this theory, (its only a theory he has) only a criminal would hide their real identity if they have a domain, as it’s for criminal use. Before I explain a little further about how domains work and the machinery behind them, I asked if he thinks its so wrong to hide behind privacy when holding a domain, why does he use a handle when he posts comments and ratings about the privacy site. OK this is how a website and/or domains work.

If you want a website like this one, you think of a name that is close to what the site is about (company name or your site about the cat rescue that you run). You then find out if it’s already in use and if not you register your domain name with a registrar, this is normally in the country or region where you live, but is not mandatory. Under international laws and agreements you must have a valid name (checkable and verifiable) address (again genuine) and telephone number, this is a legal requirement.

So for example Mary Poppins who lives alone has a domain called her name address and telephone number is now public knowledge world-wide, UNLESS, she uses a privacy service. She according to this moron is a criminal because she wants to protect herself from deranged idiots who will (Guaranteed) prey on her and either stalk her, telephone her, mail and email her or all of the above.

Don’t think this will happen? No? Look at the page at the top of this site called Trevor Muirhead – Internet menace. Do you think I would have any peace and tranquillity if this madman got my telephone number, address etc. I had to move home because of this idiot, so this service is for protecting people, got that!

But people will install this plug-in and get a false rep from this bad unregulated police organisation, because the ones who supply information to its database are basing this on unverified statements.

The second organisation type is one I had some experience with a few years ago. I run a gaming squad (also with a website) game servers and we are known as a battle squad or clan. We were approached by another squad who’s website was full of lets ban these people and spread the word etc. We were asked if we would like to subscribe, after joining the forums to this site and posting one or two messages, I and others came to the conclusion that this squad doesn’t actually play any games or have game servers either hosted or rented. The whole thing was the ego of one person, I and the squad declined and his subsequent actions led other squads who had joined them to drop out.

The third is the collective types and I am a member of 4-5 of these. The mission is all about knowledge sharing and protecting, no policing or going after them, only share the hacker spammer actions and keep them out of the forum or Blog. The three main ones are Project Honeypot, stopforumspam and spambot. They are a collective of knowledge and has to be sought after, and used by webmasters to keep comment spammers and email harvester away from websites.