A young Swedish au pair had been working for a 30 something married couple with a 4 year old child , although she had been with the family and learning from language school for almost 6 months still had difficulties with the English language. But she was a hard working girl, a great attitude with the family and especially the child.

Having returned home from school and taking the child to the park for a few hours the au pair returned to the family home, she was about to take the child to bed for it’s afternoon nap when the lady of the house gave her a letter from Sweden. She opened it there and then and was reading it when her face lit up and she had a wonderful smile on her face. She explained to the lady of the house that her boyfriend who is in the Swedish Army has some leave and vacation and would like to come and stay with her during his leave period.

The lady looked at the au pair and smiled saying “That’s wonderful, of course he can stay. How long is his furlough?” The au pair eyes widened with joy from the response from the lady of the house. “Oh… about the same as your husband’s, but a little bit thicker,” the au pair replied.