A sexy lady we will call Karen meet a handsome young man we will call Jeff in a pub, Jeff couldn’t stop looking at Karen as she was absolutely gorgeous, she noticed this and gave him a big smile with the look of come and chat with me. Jeff picked up on this and walked to the table she was sitting at and asked “May I sit here?” “Why yes of course” she replied.

After brief introductions he asked if he could get he r a drink to which she said yes and asked for Voda and lime. So Jeff dutifully went to the bar and ordered a Vodka and lime plus a Vodka and tonic for himself. He returned to the table and handed Karen her drink and she thanked him.

Karen is a very independent person and she returned the round by also going to the bar and getting Jeff his drink as well as her own drink, after some drinks and a little tipsy Karen said to ken , “My mouth is like a loud speaker, my two breasts are for tuning, left one is for tuning the channel AM or FM and my right breast is for tuning bass and treble depending which mode you want.”

This absolutely turned on Jeff and became very aroused by Karen’s comment, and said “I don’t believe it.” “You can try it if you want.” Karen replied, Jeff was thinking my luck has really changed and asked “Your place or mine, so you can prove it to me?” They agreed  to go to Jeff’s place and both holding hands and headed for Jeff’s Home.

Upon entering the bedroom in Jeff’s home they began to swap spit with the their tongues and after a short while Karen undressed herself and soon the Jeff started feeling the left nipple for AM/FM fine-tuning. After a while nothing happen. He changed to the right nipple and start rubbing with greater pressure. Again, nothing happened.

Around ten minutes of passionate kissing and nipple twisting, Jeff gave up and said “Hey gorgeous, after I have tuned your AM/FM and treble/bass nipples there seems to be no response.” Karen looked him in the eye replied, “That’s because you forgot to plug in your power.”