Lies, deceit, incomeptence = AMAZON.

I used to exclusively search and buy from Amazon (video’s games, books etc.) and providing they use the postal services it was good, if no one was at home no bother, just went to post office and pick it up, EASY.

But then they decided to use a courier for a DVD I ordered.  Then I started to dislike them, why you ask. Well the courier arrived and could not get access to my building (very secure building) even though strict instructions were given to telephone for delivery, but that was too easy.

The courier went away not a word was said or details written or noted. This happened for 6 more times when they expect you to wait at home from 8am to 10pm (completely and utterly unacceptable). It was only after action was taken via bank and threats of legal action then finally the courier telephoned to get access. AT 2AM!

Yes you read it correctly 2AM!!!!!

I’m never in a good mood after being awoken at that time of morning so I got dressed went down to the lobby of the building where I live and proceeded to give the courier a ticking off and ruin his night/morning.

But it fell on dumb intelligence as the couriers command of the English language was less than my Labrador. He handed my DVD and I threw it told him to go forth and multiply and went back to my home and back to bed. Wife also miffed due to me getting up going out and returning at 02:18.

I informed Amazon, and closed my account. Great no more Fcukups or middle of the night disturbances. Bought DVD or blu-ray or books etc form other suppliers (even though the unit cost was more it was actually less considering the time and stress caused by AMAZON!

Stupidly I was given a Amazon Kindle fire tablet as a Christmas gift, found it to be less than useful as  it doesn’t use full Android and apps are not available. The tablet decided to update and from that it failed and would not respond except for  recovery menu.

Every option was tried but no avail, I visited the Amazon website and clicked phone me option at around 2am and was very surprised to get a call from Amazon US, who then put me through all the options including some that were not offered but still no life out of this piece of crap.
They sent me an email with numbers to telephone for support as the unit needs to be replaced.

8am that morning I rang Amazon and was told it will be arriving the next day. This was after I had a fight with the operator who insisted on referring to my previous account and not the new one created for the kindle. I wanted to speak to a manager as I was being given false information and was told hold and the line went dead. Now ready for a fight I rang back 7 times and was told that a manager will contact me.

12:10 a Manager from Ireland rang me to apologise and told me My item is due around 9pm that same day and will look into the call response.

Several times the same manager told me he has ordered another kindle fire in case, and I need to refuse the second or be charged (I feel that a second or third kindle should not be charged for my trouble).

Guess what? No show on the product, I did not contact them except through email to say I waited from 8 am to 10pm and will never do it again as I have said before this time slot is unacceptable. On Wednesday I received an email saying my product is despatched and will be with me on Thursday, the address was in a different city and the customer name was an alien for all I knew.
Three more emails sent but no response to any of them, I contacted Amazon US as that is the parent company and gave them grief about this abysmal behaviour from a company, I run my own company and if it was to operate at half as bad as Amazon I would be out of business very soon, we pride ourselves on service on time and exactly “what is written on the tin”.
Had a response from my query from US and they suggested I contact UK Amazon (oh god no, please not them for Fcuks sake I want my sanity), so I forwarded the email response and my two penny worth.

I don’t hold my breath but we will see what crock of shit they are going to come up with next.

More to come.